Javita Introduces New Product Line — ActiveBlendz™ 08/11/2015

08/11/2015 18:08

Javita Introduces New Product Line — ActiveBlendz™    08/11/2015


BOCA RATON, Fl  — (August 11, 2015) During a conference session at the company's second annual national convention held in Las Vegas, NV, August 6-8, Javita introduced its new product line ActiveBlendz™, which consists of four products infused with natural fruit flavors and herbs designed to transform your daily glass of water into something more.

The ActiveBlendz line consists of four natural fruit-infused drink mixes, each having its own refreshing and flavorful taste while targeting a specific function. Light, refreshing and flavorful, ActiveBlendz™ helps you control your appetite, defend your overall health, enjoy the rush of natural, sustained energy and flex your joints.*

Contrary to popular belief, the real stars of these blends aren't the fruits, but rather the one-of-a-kind herbs infused into each offering. From waist-slimming, appetite control, to crash-free, sustained energy to supporting your immune system and better health for your aching joints, you will not be disappointed by some of nature's most powerful herbs and extracts.*

Developed for the most discriminating palette, Javita combines everything you love most about that cool, refreshing fruit beverage into delicious, conveniently packaged, single servings: no fat, low calorie, natural flavors, no sugar!

Javita introduces to you ActiveBlendz for an active lifestyle.

ActiveBlendz Control

Pomegranates and concord grapes burst with juicy deliciousness in a refreshing fruit drink mix that helps put you back in control of your weight loss battle.* Paired with proven weight-management herbs Garcinia Cambogia and Gymnema Sylvestre, ActiveBlendz Control is your new secret weapon to getting fit and sexy.*

• Light and refreshing pomegranate and concord grapes flavors.

• Garcinia Cambogia helps you target belly fat and restart your metabolic system.*

• Gymnema Sylvestre helps keeps cravings at bay by helping to better control sugar levels.*

• Get in control of your weight loss efforts.*

ActiveBlendz Rush

One sip is all it will take to fall in love with the added energy and deliciousness in every sip of ActiveBlendz™ Rush—fueled by AB Energy Blend’s green coffee bean and green tea extracts. A rush of natural fruit flavors tantalize your tastebuds as they awaken your senses.

• Natural fruit flavors invigorate your mind and body.*

• Green Coffee Bean Extract supplies natural energy and supports healthy blood sugar and blood pressure levels.*

• EGCG from green tea help sustain energy to avoid the common pitfalls of energy drinks with harsh spikes and crashing.*

• Get energized and stay energized the natural, healthy way.*

ActiveBlendz Flex

Satisfy your tastebuds and discover better mobility with ActiveBlendz Flex featuring AB Mobility Blend with Boswellia extract and natural collagen.* 

• Delicious natural strawberry and lemon flavors.

• Boswellia extract helps target inflammation.*

• Naturally derived collagen concentrate helps improve joint function.*

• Get active, get mobile and get on with your life with Flex.*

ActiveBlendz Defend

Featuring AB Advanced Superfood Complex with elderberry, vitamin C and a blend of medicinal mushrooms, ActiveBlendz Defend helps keep you healthy by strengthening your body’s natural defenses.*

• Perfect blend of sweet and tart berries.

• Superior blend of medicinal mushrooms supports healthy T cells.*

• Ayurvedic Elderberry helps your body fight off unwanted invaders.*

• Powerful herbs, antioxidants and beta glucans help strengthen your immune system.*

The ActiveBlendz products were immediately available for purchase to Convention attendees, and are NOW AVAILABLE for all Members and Customers.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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